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Frequently Asked Questions

To contact a personal injury attorney regarding these and any other legal question you may have, fill out the form on our contact page. Please include your; phone number and or email address as well as the Who? What? When? Where? and How? of your situation. The work will be done on our end!
  1. Should I talk to the defendant insurance company?
  2. Should I sign any papers for the defendant insurance company? 
  3. Should I contact my own insurance company? 
  4. Who will fix my car? 
  5. Will the defendant insurance pay off the loan on my car if it is totalled? 
  6. Can I get a rental car? 
  7. Can I choose my own doctor? 
  8. Who will pay my medical bills and lost wages? 
  9. What happens if I have no insurance coverage myself? 
  10. How long will it take to settle my claim? 
  11. How much money can I hope to recover for my injuries? 
  12. Can I get a check today from the defendant insurance company to pay my bills while I am injured? 
  13. What happens if I am in Bankruptcy? 
  14. How long do I have to settle my claim or file a lawsuit? 
  15. What does full coverage insurance mean? 
  16. What are uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist, and personal injury protection policies? 
  17. Will an insurance company ever send me to a doctor or a chiropractor? 
  18. How do I know if a person contacting me after my injury is looking out for my best interest?
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