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About Us

About Dabbs & Pomtree

Automobile Accident Attorney in Little Rock

Our Philosophy
Personal Injury Lawyer Little Rock, AR
Our clients come first. To our attorneys, this means that we represent each client as if their case is the most important case we are handling in our office. We tell our clients what they need to hear, even if that is not what they want to hear. This is the only way they can make informed decisions about their case.

We evaluate a case carefully, taking into consideration among other things, what we would want and how we would feel if we were suffering from the same injuries or loss of a loved one. We also use our experience to determine what we believe a jury might award under each individual set of circumstances. At that point, we are then in a position to give our clients the best advice regarding their case. We believe that every case should be handled as efficiently and promptly as possible.
We have skillfully and compassionately dealt with everything from neck injury to automobile accidents.

We promise to listen, investigate, evaluate, and recommend based on our vast experience in this area of the law. We believe that the best recommendation that an attorney can get is from a satisfied client and our hope is that each client will be satisfied with the results of our representation.

Our Staff

Our Legal Assistants and Paralegals work directly with our attorneys to prepare cases for settlement negotiation, mediation, arbitration and trial. From property damage negotiations to preparing settlement packages and court documents, our Legal Assistants and Paralegals keep our attorneys in close contact with our clients, insurance companies and other lawyers.
Our Experience

With over 95 years of combined experience, Dabbs & Pomtree Attorneys at Law, and its highly experienced staff have the expertise and resources to successfully pursue all of our clients' personal injury claims.

We believe we obtain the best results possible for our clients. We can help you immediately. All telephone inquiries, e-mail and form submissions will be responded to by a qualified member of our firm as soon as possible.

When Dabbs & Pomtree Attorneys at Law prepares for trial, we do so confidently, backed by a wealth of proven professional experience and technical resources. We employ leading-edge computer technology to perform data research, to efficiently manage our cases, and to incorporate the use of key medical and legal records. Our innovative use of today’s most modern audio and visual equipment is on the professional forefront for courtroom presentations. Dabbs & Pomtree Attorneys at Law anticipates and then responds precisely to the unique initial demands of each individual case.

Dabbs & Pomtree Attorneys at Law is well respected throughout the legal profession. That is why our clients come to us primarily through one source: referral from satisfied clients, who know our work and have confidence that we are the best firm to handle a specific matter.

To contact a personal injury attorney, please fill out the form on our contact page. Please include your phone number and/or email address as well as the Who? What? When? Where? and How? of your situation. We will contact you promptly
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